Clinical Psychology...

Clinical Psychologists are specialists in the assessment and treatment of psychological / psychiatric conditions with many years of postgraduate studies, supervised placements and professional development.

Dr Ina Flockhart...

...is endorsed as a Clinical Psychologist with full national registration under the Australian Health Practitioner Registration Board. Dr Flockhart has completed a Bachelor of Psychology with Honours (4yrs) and a Doctorate of Clinical Psychology (3yrs). She is a member of the Australian Psychological Society (MAPS) as well as the College of Clinical Psychologists, which upholds the highest standard of clinical psychology service provision in Australia. Dr Flockhart has worked in various government and non-government organisations, in employee assistance and organisational consultancy roles as well as in clinical private practice for over ten years. 

Associate Clinical Psychologists...

...of the practice work in very close collaboration with Dr Flockhart and are also fully registered and endorsed as Clinical Psychologists with the national Registration Board. This endorsement and membership of the Australian Psychological Association’s Clinical College ensures that your Psychologist has achieved one of the highest qualifications and specialisations in Psychology at a Master or Doctorate level (six to seven years of University based training). All Clinical Psychologists of the practice strictly adhere to the Australian Psychological Society's Code of Ethics, and bring with them various specialisations and a wealth of experience targeted to our clients’ particular needs.

We understand that asking for help can sometimes be an extremely difficult task. Please be assured that your Clinical Psychologist will be caring, empathetic, respectful, understanding, and open-minded. We feel privileged to help others reach their full potential and live their life to the fullest. …..because we care!



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